General Meetings, Programs and Trips


         Administration Theme:  “Gardening Nourishes the Soul”

Due to safe Covid practices please verify time, dates and venue on our Facebook page or this page.

January 20, 2021      CHANGE OF LOCATON   The meeting will be held at the PG Nature Park ~ Corner of Bal Harbor and Aqui Esta in PGI  Please arrive at 1 pm,

Due to the cancellation of the March Flower Show, the scheduled January program has been changed to a presentation by Cate Peterson on ” Bromeliads”. Cate Peterson is a board member and volunteer at the Peace River Botanical and Sculpture Gardens. She is a former Master Gardener and a past president of the Caloosahatchee Bromeliad Society. Cate loves to share her passion for bromeliads.


February 17, 2021          FLORIDA’S CORAL REEFS NEED OUR HELP
An educational presentation by Martha Roesler of Coral Foundation, world’s largest non-profit marine conservation organization dedicated to restoring coral reefs to a healthy state.

February meetings, board and general, will be held at First United Methodist Church, 507 W. Marion.

March 17, 2021                BOK TOWER ANNUAL OUTING ~ MORE THAN A                                           GARDEN  CANCELLED
Join us for a wonderful experience, you will be able to see and enjoy Edward Bok’s legacy: “Wherever your lives may be cast, make the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it.”  Besides a tour of the Gardens, a Carillon Concert can be enjoyed.  Watch for more information to follow in our newsletter.

March 30, 2021                 CHEERS TO 71 YEARSA NGC STANDARD                                                   FLOWER SHOW   CANCELED
We are delighted and so enthusiastic about hosting the Club’s 71st anniversary with wonderful Floral Designs and incredible Horticulture presented by our talented members.  The show from 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. will be held at the Isles Yacht Club.  Free to the public and we encourage you  to invite your friends.

April 21,  2021                   ATTRACTING OWLS TO  YOUR YARD   Alli Smith, Project & Research Manager Owl Watch, Audubon of
the Western Everglades, will delight us with facts and observations
of the threatened Burrowing Owls that are protected by state and federal laws.

May 5, 2021                       SPRING INSTALLATION LUNCHEON 2021                                                       11:00AM AT THE ISLES YACHT CLUB
                                           Chair is Joy Price
“Brighten Their Day”
Join us at 11:00 A.M. for lunch and the installation of the new Club 2021-2023 officers. Please bring a small potted plant to be given to a patient at a nursing home to Brighten Their Day.